3D Models

Stringless Machines at Work 



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Dan Galbraith

Machine Control Construction Support

3D Surface Modeling in all standard formats (TN3, TTM, XML)

3D Modeling complete with sub-grade, material quantities and stakeout

Support for stringless machine setups

3D Modeling for stakeout and training to use your data controller

Field Training with Your Equipment

Construction Site GPS/Robotic Total Station Calibration

GPS Stakeout

Robotic Total Station Stakeout

Stakeout to 3D Model

Grade Checking in Real Time

Machine Operator in cab training

Machine operations (gain lock in GPS or Robotics, check vertical, check horizontal, dial up/down, etc.)

Benefits of Complete 3D Modeling

Realize the kinds of profit the technology can provide

Reduce labor cost for stakeout if you do it yourself

No more waiting on somebody to stake your job who then charges you for things you can do yourself

Increase grading productivity by as much as 200% and more

Place finished graded material within 0.02' of the plans

Have your employees trained as much as you need to stay productive - the same 3D model loaded in your data controller can be used for stakeout